pat down

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w>pat down

vt sepfestklopfen; hairfestdrücken, andrücken
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Wycoff instructed two other officers to search the vehicle for a firearm and when no firearm was found, Wycoff resumed his pat down of Meyers.
An inmate at Lake County jail was charged with felony disorderly conduct after falsely claiming a female correctional officer inappropriately touched her during a pat down, authorities said Tuesday.
We do random checks which become more thorough according to the threat level -- and we do have concerts where we pat down 100 percent of the guests as well.
Abandoning the currently used security protocol of the five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line, TSA will now use a more "comprehensive" and "universal" physical screening pat down," Bloomberg ( reported  Friday. Denver International Airport has already notified all its employees and flight crews regarding the newer, "more rigorous" searches which "will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before."
McGlinchy wrote in a report documenting the April 23 incident that the three workers he ticketed had told him that CMS officials said they could pat down the theater's patrons, and that they were "frustrated that CMS had put them in this situation."
NUMBERS UP Police pat down suspects for alcohol and concealed weapons separately so that they can record multiple searches.
Mom, come sit at the table with me, pat down my hair
Now I am all in favour of a good security check, and if necessary, a proper pat down for I gauge that if they do that to me, then they do that to everyone, and that makes travel safer all-round.
He claims security staff refused to allow him to board a flight to Zurich, where he was due to treat a patient, even though he would agree to a "pat down" search.
A Republican congress man is complaining loudly that he watched airport security guards pat down a child and a "little old lady" while allowing a man in "Arab dress" to walk straight onto a flight.
If you're eligible for AIT screening but opt for a pat down instead, you'll be escorted to a screening area where the pat down will be performed (if you request a private screening area one will be provided).