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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The French absurdist concept of a philosophy or science dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics, intended as a parody of the methods and theories of modern science and often expressed in nonsensical language.

[French pataphysique, alteration of Greek ta epi ta metaphusika, the (works) after the metaphysics (pseudo-title of a work by Aristotle modeled on ta meta ta phusika, the (works) after the Physics, Aristotle's Metaphysics) : epi, after; see epi- + metaphusika, metaphysics; see metaphysics.]

pa′ta·phys′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.


(General Physics) the study of what lies beyond metaphysics; the philosophy of the absurd
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Entre sus ultimas publicaciones estan: "Ethnography, 'Pataphysics, Copying".
They discuss Agent Cooper's methods, Laura Palmer from the perspective of the Madonna-whore complex, and Twin Peaks through the lenses of self-knowledge, epistemology, Immanuel Kant's moral theory, incompleteness and underdetermination, art, melodrama and discomfort, eternal recurrence, gender, reason and catharsis, evil, duality, death, repetition, pataphysics, and other philosophical topics.
Faustroll is none other than the creator of Pataphysics, or the science of imaginary solutions, which has been extensively practiced until recently by canonical authors such as Raymond Queneau, Georges Perec, Boris Vian, and Umberto Eco.
In this context, Alfred Jarry's pataphysics was based precisely on the idea that the universe is the exception, not the rule, and so the science of pataphysics was meant as an exploration of "the laws governing exceptions," i.e.
The second perspective hinges on contingent similarities and cracks and is the nightmare of linguistics, because its logic is quirky and unpredictable; it pertains to what Lacan called linguisterie and lalangue; It pertains also to what Alfred Jarry of Le roi Ubu, called pataphysics, the science opposed to metaphysics that deals with the exception, the contingent, the non-universal.
It combines the 'pataphysics of French writer Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) with "queer" and inquiry (query).
The translation differs in crucial respects from the existing one by Eglington in that it relies on a keen appreciation of Leroux's modernism and, in particular, on an appreciation of Leroux's intertextual play with the sign of Ubu in relation to urModernist Alfred Jarry's concept of pataphysics, among other features.
of Canadian 'pataphysics by situating the work historically and
His work has or soon will appear in Barrow Street, Best American Poetry, New American Writing, Lit, Jacket, Columbia Review, Pataphysics, Zeek, Black Clock, Scripsi, Shofar, Mipoesias, Boundary 2, Columbia Review, American, Letters and Commentary, Another Chicago Magazine, Paterson Review, Eoagh, Coconut, Zen Monster, Poetry New York, Mudfish, Tygerburning, Poetry Project Newsletter, Appearances, Bowery Poetry Club, Brooklyn Rail, Voices Israel, Literature around the Globe, Critiphoria, professional Studies, Marsh Hawk Review, and the edited volumes, Tribe of John, Burning Interiors, Reading the Difficulties, The Contemporary Narrative Poem, The New promised Land: Anthology of Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry, and elsewhere.
I first met Lucas as a student in his 'Pataphysics writing class at the Flea Theater; some years later, I was fortunate to experience him as mentor and director via the Cherry Lane Mentor Project.
Anthony Adams, in "Butter-Spades, Footnotes, and Omnium," adopts a different set of intertextual priorities, and considers The Third Policeman in terms of Alfred Jarry's 'Pataphysics. Nonetheless, even within this new paradigm, crime and punishment remain constant themes: "The Third Policeman presents a curiously confusing hell in which inventiveness and verbosity pose greater dangers than any corporal punishment." For Adams, the synthesis of 'Pataphysics and metafiction in The Third Policeman "creates a world whose most uncanny quality is also a diversion: the key that would unlock this set of boxes is itself another box."
Pataphysics Penyeach: Summa Dramatica & Porco Morto, Lee Breuer (also dir); music: Jay Ansill.