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Noun1.patchcord - a length of wire that has a plug at each end; used to make connections at a patchboard
conducting wire, wire - a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
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A multimode fibre patchcord is used to connect one end of the isolator, and the other end is connected via an FC/APC adaptor to the port of an optical coupler.
The system guarantees 10GBASE-T support today, with no limitations on channel length, patchcord length or patch cord configurations within standards-compliant channel configurations.
An example of this is an erroneously disconnected patchcord creates an IIM alarm that is forwarded to an IT service desk application such as CA Unicenter, Remedy or Tivoili.
Limited Tenders are invited for Sc-Sc Duplex Mm Fibre Patchcord - 3M - 300.
The 1-U panel is available with front and rear access for easy patchcord maintenance, and can accommodate up to three 4-inch or two 5-inch modules.
The large line width corresponds to a medium coherence length of 15 cm to 30 cm, considerably less than the typical 1-m to 2-m fiber pigtail or patchcord length used during testing.
Limited Tenders are invited for St-St Duplex Mm Fiber Patchcord - 3M - 100.
He concluded, "Most recently the company added cable types such as Simplex, Duplex, Multifiber and Patchcord as well as additional kinds of wire, including titanium, grounding, heavy duty and related products such as reels, splicers, cutters, harnesses and more.
CAT-6, 4 PAIR, 26 AWG FTP Patchcord With RJ-45 Plug At Ends.
standard configuration to include: jacket with universal patchcord, integrated groin protector, trousers with back protector, detachable boot covers, grounding straight carry bag, steel hanger and user manual & cd.
We simply choose the proper patchcord for connecting to a particular kind of user equipment.