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adj. patch·i·er, patch·i·est
1. Made up of or marked by patches: patchy trousers.
2. Uneven in quality or performance: Their work is patchy at best.

patch′i·ly adv.
patch′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.patchily - in spots
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In effect you have three sub-plots going on at the same time, two of which are only patchily funny.
The results that came in were not what we expected, and the sperm puddles occurred quite patchily from shore to shore in different regions.
Disabled Open: Sun to 10am-11pm; Sat, 10am-Bill for two : Food: 4/10 - Unexciting patchily Loks has the makings of a good neighbourhood eatery and ticks some boxes.
Last year the Qatari government told HRW that 35 workers died, "mostly from falls, presumably at construction sites", but this did not take into account hundreds more people who died from heart attacks and other "natural causes", patchily reported by their countries' embassies and unexplained by the authorities.
The Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) is patchily distributed across the boreal forests of northern Eurasia and North America (Duncan and Duncan 2014).
They can, albeit existing rules are exercised patchily.
Just because they have not yet been discovered does not mean they do not exist, the study says: "No observations of macrobiota have yet been made for subglacial geothermal environments in Antarctica, but these organisms are often patchily distributed and can be difficult to find.
The European wildcat Felis silvestris is a medium-sized, elusive carnivore widely but patchily distributed throughout the Palaearctic (Yamaguchi et al.
In nipple adenoma, the glandular epithelium was diffusely positive for 34betaE12, patchily positive for CK5/6, and negative for p53 and c-erbB-2.
The number of larval abalone varied spatially and temporally indicating larvae are patchily distributed in northern California (Fig.
This urge to remake soft tissues as solid masses carried over into Mahmoud's glazed ceramics: the patchily painted floor sculptures Basketball, 2014, and Beachball, 2015, clustered beside Kathleen Ryan's Bacchante, 2015.
Pollen records suggest the requisite sagebrush habitat to support sagegrouse was patchily distributed (see Hall and Valastro, 1995) throughout the southwestern United States during the Pleistocene (Van Devender and King, 1971; Wright et al.