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adj. patch·i·er, patch·i·est
1. Made up of or marked by patches: patchy trousers.
2. Uneven in quality or performance: Their work is patchy at best.

patch′i·ly adv.
patch′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.patchily - in spots
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The second half goes from patchily funny to downright silly (this is where Hathaway adopts the Teutonic accent), and the gender-flipped aspect doesn't wholly work either.
The concept of "no deal" is only patchily understood by much of the UK public, let alone international audiences.
One area that has the potential to change Nigeria's economic fortunes for the better is the wholesale reform of the oil sector promised at the beginning of Buhari's previous term but only patchily deliv- ered so far.
I look forward to seeing many more such cross-field collaborations, and, in the end, if the re-publication of these fine essays kindles new interest in the still patchily mapped territory of early sf, I will certainly count it a boon to the field as a whole.
Our farm, like much of the countryside hereabout, is patchily ringed by wire fences threaded with strands of barbed wire.
'These ice deposits are patchily distributed and could possibly be ancient,' the statement said.
The Western chimpanzee is found in West Africa where it is patchily distributed from Senegal to Ghana and is already thought to be extinct in Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo.
The sale of this commodity to minors has been banned for a long time, but it is only enforced and even then, patchily in the more affluent areas of well-policed urban areas.
It has no place in a world of nation-states committed to universal values, however patchily they might be upheld.
"The results that came in were not what we expected, and the sperm puddles occurred quite patchily from shore to shore in different regions.