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adj. patch·i·er, patch·i·est
1. Made up of or marked by patches: patchy trousers.
2. Uneven in quality or performance: Their work is patchy at best.

patch′i·ly adv.
patch′i·ness n.
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Noun1.patchiness - unevenness in quality or performance
unevenness, variability - the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity
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تَرْقيع، عدَم تَجانُس
e-î sem er ójafnt
derme çatma olma


n (of work)Unregelmäßigkeit f; (of knowledge)Lückenhaftigkeit f; (of film, book, essay etc)unterschiedliche Qualität
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(pӕtʃ) noun
1. a piece of material sewn on to cover a hole. She sewed a patch on the knee of her jeans.
2. a small piece of ground. a vegetable patch.
to mend (clothes etc) by sewing on pieces of material. She patched the (hole in the) child's trousers.
ˈpatchy adjective
not all the same; varying in quality. patchy work.
ˈpatchiness noun
ˈpatchwork noun
cloth made by sewing small pieces of material together. a skirt made of patchwork; (also adjective) a patchwork quilt.
patch up
1. to mend, especially quickly and temporarily. He patched up the roof with bits of wood.
2. to settle (a quarrel). They soon patched up their disagreement.
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From gradual tanners to an instant fake tan that won't go streaky and a long-lasting self-tan that promises zero patchiness, there is an abundance of items available for you to choose from online and on the high street.
"Given the scale of the thing - and the patchiness of its condition over much of its length nowadays - it is important to pick the best place on the line to appreciate the wall's majesty and its audacity.
Build up the colour slowly over the lid, blending each layer well so there is no patchiness or harsh edges.
It would make for one of the feelgood stories of the season if the former Neath player could have a bright campaign after the patchiness of last term.
It would make for one of the feel-good stories of the season if the former Neath player could have a bright campaign after the patchiness of last term.
Hair loss in women can be due to the interplay of a variety of factors, so if you start to notice thinning or patchiness and can't point to a clear trigger, such as a new medication, a hormonal issue like pregnancy, or a period of acute stress, you'll need to take a comprehensive approach to address many possible causes at once.
With time, you could begin to see wrinkles or patchiness.
Environmental factors, namely, bushfire, animal trampling, erosion, and patchiness on each sample plot, were assessed to determine how these factors gave rise to variations in bird abundance, evenness, and richness, across the four vegetation types.
To him there were no short cuts, no mid-merits, no half-bakes, no compromise with mediocrity, no tolerance for patchiness. He wanted and expected only the best: in Filipino, 'Hindi puede ang puede na.'
vulgare population was found by Taylor's power law and Iowa's patchiness regression methods in each season (P < 0.001).
X-rays showed bilateral pneumonia and high-density patchiness in the left lung [December 19, [Figure 1]a.
Three initial stock distributions ranging from dense to sparse levels of patchiness were specified to cover a range in stock patchiness.