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1. The human head, especially the top of the head: a bald pate.
2. The mind or brain.

[Middle English.]

pat′ed (pā′tĭd) adj.


See paste1.

[French, from Old French paste, paste; see paste1.]


a. A meat paste, such as pâté de foie gras.
b. A similar paste made of seasoned vegetables.
2. A small pastry filled with meat or fish.

[French, from Old French paste, paste, pâté; see paste1.]
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There was a touch of insanity in the proceeding, a sense of lugubrious drollery in the sight; and it was not dissi- pated by somebody on board assuring me earnestly there was a camp of natives--he called them enemies!--hidden out of sight somewhere.
2 s out oys ember pated per also Queenofhearts to upset the bo Maiden hurdles in Noveare always hotly anticipand in Champion Bumper alsoran Know The Score and Sandown Listed bumper winner Queenohearts, a couple of potentially smart types are set to clash at Chepstow (1.10).
cy budg "As tow the in wis th w no or th been pated we are getting toward the end financial year, situations where either the issue for which the contingency was put aside has not been needed, the demand has less than anticipated, part or all Julian Hill | Cllr Julian Thompson-Hill the contingency can be released back into the general fund.
That increase in demand has been antici- pated for many years.
We expect Mobin to be the greatest beneficiary of the antici- pated exchange rate unification.
"By the time you have deducted admin- istration charges and broker fees, the net premium for primary and secondary care is limited and if claims are higher than antici- pated the claims ratio could be very severe," comments Mark Adams, founder and CEO of Anglo Arabian Healthcare.
The group has particiA[degrees] pated in international events held in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE in the past.
The authors thank all the students who partici- pated in this study for their valuable time given for filling up the questionnaire, especially Alaa Al-Harby.
McCoy is expected to drive turn over to new heights, with an antici pated PS300m wagered throughout the industry.
He revealed: "HM Revenue and Customs has done some work on this and I think it antici pated that Manchester Airport would lose around 3% of its traf-traf c and Newcastle could lose around 10% of its traSSc."
The agency partici- pated in the Beirut Women Marathon to support 'Kafa' and also sponsored the marathon by 'adopting' a group of children to run on its behalf.
A large number of students attended partici pated and watched the exhib its and showed their keen interest in the displayed mod els projects and the Space Arts work.