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n. pl. pa·tel·lae (-tĕl′ē)
a. A flat triangular bone located at the front of the knee joint. Also called kneecap.
b. A dish-shaped anatomical formation.
2. A pan or dish in ancient Rome.

[Latin, diminutive of patina, plate, pan; see paten.]

pa·tel′lar, pa·tel′late (-tĕl′ĭt, -āt′) adj.
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Adj.1.patellar - near or relating to the patella or kneecap; "patellar tendon"
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A case of patellar ligament rupture during total knee replacement surgery has been reported.
Secondly, in these patients the patellar ligament (the one below your knee cap which a doctor taps with a hammer to test your reflexes) is often pulling the knee cap to one side.
Pain and tenderness appear in the tibial tuberosity and the patellar ligament. When the illness state is slight, knee movement is normal, only with weakness and pain.
Patients with a fracture pattern of the latter form should be evaluated for concomitant patellar ligament disruption, meniscal injury, or compartment syndrome [11].
Instead, the whole extensor apparatus was resected in its entire length including distal part of quadriceps tendon, patella, and patellar ligament through a midline anterior approach (Figure 2).
Biomechanical characteristics and histological features of polypropylene mesh for the reconstruction of patellar ligament attachment after resection of proximal tibia bone tumors (in Chinese).
In this procedure, medial patellar ligament is cut by closed or open method under local anesthesia.
Medial patellar ligament desmotomy (MPD) is frequently used in the treatment of dorsal patellar fixation (Ducharme, 2004; Kramer, 2006).
Distal realignment--lateral third of patellar ligament was released from tibial tuberosity and passed underneath medial portion of patellar tendon and sutured upwards and medially to pes anserinus tendon.
Many tendons and other structures are suitable and used for grafts, such as: gracilis, quadriceps, adductor magnus, semitendinosus, tibialis anterior, fascia lata, patellar ligament, and artificial ligaments [8, 9, 11, 12, 22-30].
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