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Shaped like a shallow pan or dish: the patelliform shell of the limpet.

[Latin patella, small plate, pan; see patella + -form.]
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Adj.1.patelliform - shaped like a dish or pan
concave - curving inward
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On the leaves, also, various patelliform shells, Trochi, uncovered molluscs, and some bivalves are attached.
Calyx gamosepalous, campanulate, tubular, spathaceous or urceolate, apex spatulate, bilabiate, truncate or 2-5-lobed, aestivation imbricate, with or without patelliform nectaries.
Floral cup shape: hemisphaeric = 0; campanulate = 1; obconic = 2; patelliform = 3; urceolate = 4.