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Noun1.patent application - an application for sole rights to an inventionpatent application - an application for sole rights to an invention
application - a verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission to a school; "December 31 is the deadline for applications"
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BioInvent International AB (STO:BINV), a company focused on the discovery and development of novel and first-in-class immuno-modulatory antibodies to treat cancer, announced on Wednesday the issuance by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of a notice of allowance, informing the company that a patent application relevant to its unique, function-based F.I.R.S.T platform now can proceed to be granted.
(NASDAQ: MBVX) has filed a patent application for its series of HuMab-Tn fully-human monoclonal antibodies that target the tumor associated Thomsen-nouveau (Tn) antigen that will be developed as therapeutic and diagnostic products targeting ovarian, lung and breast cancers, the company said.
"Prior art" is a term that refers to patent documents and other disclosures that can be used to defeat a patent application. The prior art available to a patent examiner during the patent examination process in the U.S.
Under the FAI program, an "Applicant" for a patent application may request an interview with the examiner prior to a first Office Action on the merits.
The regional route requires filing a GCC patent application, which once granted, would in principle cover protection in the six GCC countries.
patent application ( published by the U.S.
The newly issued '422 patent arises from a patent application contained in the M2M/IoT patent portfolio acquired by Network-1 in December 2017.
(NASDAQ: MYSZ) (TASE: MYSZ), the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, has announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the Canadian Patent and Trademark Office for its patent application titled "Measurement of a body part", the company said.
Those who are interested to know how the new cooling system works on the HomePod can access the patent application ( here.
According to reports, 430 of those applications were approved, making TSMC the domestic company with the most patent application approvals as well.
The service fee for an internal patent application is now RO30 instead of RO300.

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