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Noun1.patent law - that branch of jurisprudence that studies the laws governing patents
jurisprudence, legal philosophy, law - the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do
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That reminds me to remark, in passing, that the very first official thing I did, in my adminis- tration -- and it was on the very first day of it, too -- was to start a patent office; for I knew that a country without a patent office and good patent laws was just a crab, and couldn't travel any way but sideways or backways.
Patent Law and Intellectual Property in the Medical Field
com)-- NK Patent Law, helping innovative startups and established technology companies protect and exploit their intellectual property assets as a competitive advantage, is marking a year of continuing growth and expansion by supporting North Carolina's entrepreneurial community.
The Supreme Court has consistently sought to eliminate patent exceptionalism in these and other areas, bringing patent law in conformity with general legal standards.
Compulsory licenses are already provided in our patent law.
The Supreme Court will hear a total of eight cases this year -- the above referenced cases on patent law, four others on patent law, and two on intellectual property law.
WRAGGE & Co's intellectual property team won TMT Team of the Year at the British Legal Awards 2013 for securing a Supreme Court victory which overturned 100 years of patent law.
This casebook gathers lightly edited international cases on international patent law, offering an explicitly comparative approach.
Although judicial behavior will likely vary depending on the court's jurisdictional model, the Federal Circuit's power enhancement arguably relates to the court's dual missions to construct a uniform patent law and to provide expert adjudication in patent cases.
A section of India's patent law prevents companies from gaining patents on modifications to existing drugs, in order to extend monopolies.
As part of the process of acceding to the WTO, Jordan has enacted its new Patent Law No.