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Noun1.patent law - that branch of jurisprudence that studies the laws governing patents
jurisprudence, legal philosophy, law - the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do
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That reminds me to remark, in passing, that the very first official thing I did, in my adminis- tration -- and it was on the very first day of it, too -- was to start a patent office; for I knew that a country without a patent office and good patent laws was just a crab, and couldn't travel any way but sideways or backways.
This casebook for law students offers a dual emphasis on historical development and on economic issues affecting patent law principles.
Mark LeDoux, NAI's CEO and Chairman of the Board, said that "NAI has always been confident that the Federal Circuit -- which has particular expertise in patent law -- would look at the body of science NAI put into the record, properly apply the law, and find NAI's patents are valid.
April 26 / Patent Law Fundamentals For Scientists, Engineers and Managers - PART 1
The start of a new year provides the opportunity for a highly subjective retrospective on 35 years of patent law where we've been and where we might be going.
She noted that more than 800 families in Northbay Boulevard South Proper benefited from the earlier presidential proclamations she issued and the Free Patent Law she signed in 2010.
Fowler III -- copyright law, corporate law, patent law, technology law, trademark law, international mergers and acquisitions
As discussed in previous columns, one division of IP law is patent law. There is a close link between patent rights and competition, which can often be characterized by two factors.
Charlotte, NC, June 01, 2018 --( NK Patent Law, helping clients protect their intellectual property (IP) assets, has opened a new office in Charlotte.
Have you had an unfortunate or unexpected experience with patents or patent law? Send responses to
of modern patent law. (1) Occasional jury verdicts of several hundred