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a. A grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time.
b. Letters patent.
c. An invention protected by such a grant.
a. A grant of publicly owned land, particularly to a homesteader.
b. The official document of such a grant.
c. The land so granted.
3. An exclusive right or title.
a. Protected or conferred by a patent or letters patent: a patent right.
b. Of, relating to, or dealing in patents: patent law.
2. (also pāt′nt) Obvious; plain: a patent injustice. See Synonyms at apparent.
3. (pāt′nt) Biology
a. Not blocked; open: a patent duct.
b. Spreading open; expanded: patent sepals.
4. Relating to or being a nonprescription drug or other medical preparation that is protected by a trademark.
5. Of high quality. Used of flour.
tr.v. pat·ent·ed, pat·ent·ing, pat·ents
1. To obtain a patent on or for (an invention, for example).
2. To invent, originate, or be the proprietor of (an idea, for example).
3. To grant a patent to or for.

[Middle English, document granting a right, short for (lettre) patent, open (letter), from Old French (lettre) patente, from Latin patēns, patent-, open, present participle of patēre, to be open; see petə- in Indo-European roots.]

pat′ent·a·bil′i·ty n.
pat′ent·a·ble adj.


[ˈpeɪtəntəbl] ADJpatentable


adjpatentierbar, patentfähig
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at 3232 ("For centuries, it was considered well established that a series of steps for conducting business was not, in itself, patentable.
com s one-click order process is patentable, overturning an earlier ruling by the country s patent commissioner.
The Federal Circuit has significantly altered the landscape of business method patents by holding that to be patentable a business process must meet the "machine or transformation" test (In re Bilski, No.
The IP could be very valuable and if it is very valuable it is entitled to full patent protection in the largest market for businesses, namely the United States where business method patents, unlike in Europe, are regarded under US Patent law as eminently patentable subject matter.
But, after starting the process of getting a patent earlier this year, I received a reply saying that it might not be patentable.
Current Confusions in the Patentable Subject Matter
and inventors were left trying to determine when an invention was merely a mathematical algorithm, and when it was in fact a patentable invention that simply contained a mathematical algorithm.
patent office thoroughly examined the patentability of CERA and concluded that CERA is a novel molecule that is patentable in its own right,'' the statement said.
The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has welcomed the European Parliament's rejection of the directive on computer-implemented inventions, which would have made software patentable.
She boldly explains to newcomers to alternative modalities that the true motivation of the prejudice the traditional health care industry clings to lies with its bedfellow, profitability, from patentable synthetics and pharmaceuticals.
The patents, granted in the European Union, Japan and Russia, offer additional validation to the innovative technology Gene Express is using to assist academic institutions with genomic research; pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop new drugs; and clinical diagnostic companies in development of innovative and patentable molecular diagnostic tests for cancers, infectious diseases and other therapeutic areas.