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 (pä′tə-rə, păt′ə-)
n. pl. pa·te·ras also pa·te·rae (-rē)
1. A shallow bowl or dish, especially one used ceremonially by the ancient Romans in pouring libations.
2. A shallow crater on the surface of a solar system body, having an irregular or scalloped rim, caused either by past volcanic activity or by the impact of a much smaller solar system body.

[Latin, perhaps from patina, shallow dish (influenced by crātēra, vessel for mixing wine with water); see paten.]
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1. (Archaeology) archaeol a shallow ancient Roman bowl used in rituals
2. (Architecture) architect a saucer-shaped decorative element, often on walls or ceilings
3. (Astrology) astrology a shallow planetary crater
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NASA also recently ( shared a stunning image of Martian "barchan dunes." Located near Mars' Nili Patera, the barchan dunes are characterized by their elongated crescent form and were formed due to wind continuously and consistently blowing in the same direction. 
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It comes as little surprise that the bakery sector has been part of a bigger rise in the pastry business over the last 10 years, according to Julien Patera, GM of Cakery & Epicerie (C&E) by Stephane Glacier.
Michalski and Bleacher lay out their case that the basin, recently named Eden Patera, is a volcanic caldera, as it is a depression, it can look like a crater formed by an impact, rather than a volcano.