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 (pā′tər-fə-mĭl′ē-əs, pä′-, păt′ər-)
n. pl. pa·tres·fa·mil·i·as (pā′trēz-, pä′-, păt′rēz-)
A man who is the head of a household or the father of a family.

[Latin paterfamiliās : pater, father; see pater + familiās, archaic genitive of familia, family; see family.]
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n, pl patresfamilias (ˌpɑːtreɪzfəˈmɪlɪˌæs)
1. the male head of a household
2. (Law) Roman law
a. the head of a household having authority over its members
b. the parental or other authority of another person
[Latin: father of the family]
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(ˌpeɪ tər fəˈmɪl i əs, ˌpɑ-, ˌpæt ər-)

the male head of a household or family, usu. the father.
[1425–75; < Latin: literally, father of the household, with archaic genitive familiās of familia family]
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Noun1.paterfamilias - the male head of family or tribepaterfamilias - the male head of family or tribe  
head of household - the head of a household or family or tribe
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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[ˈpeɪtəfəˈmɪlɪæs] N (patresfamilias (pl)) [ˌpɑːtreɪzfəˈmɪlɪæs]padre m de familia
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nFamilienvater m, → Paterfamilias m (geh)
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Even the general, the paterfamilias, though astonished at first, suddenly declared that, "upon his honour, he really believed he had fancied something of the kind, after all.
The Father, known to be the Creator-God, is the head and paterfamilias. He sets the direction for his people and guides them through the journey.
If only as a principled educator and beloved paterfamilias, Father Ted is worthy of admiration.
That's a reference to ' Eshi kouspo sto Mitsero ' -- a Cypriot-dialect exclamation literally meaning 'There's a hoe in the village of Mitsero' but used to indicate irate refusal, as in 'No way!' or 'Dream on!' -- which of course was George's catch-phrase as Rikkos Mappouros, the tight-fisted paterfamilias in Vourate Geitonoi .
After a tragic event occurs, the paterfamilias played by Jason Clarke (who's made a habit of playing 'disappointing husband' types) consults with local spooky old man Jud (John Lithgow), makes a terrible decision, and as a consequence, horror ensues.
Echoing David's recent work with Kent & Curwen there was a touch of Peaky Blinders style to the boys' outfits, with newsboy caps and chunky tweeds in evidence, while Paterfamilias David opted for a simple, but undeniably dashing, back two-piece suit.
It is now mandatory to present a valid credit card in the name of the traveller or the 'paterfamilias' (male head of the family), the MoI states.
Directing for a Drama Series: Stephen Daldry, "The Crown" ("Paterfamilias")
Chaganty's script, co-written by Sev Ohanian, invites us to piece together evidence by following the distraught paterfamilias' cursor as he clicks on video files, initiates a video-conference call or makes several wrong guesses at his daughter's passwords.
The book's title suggests that the exploration begins with the paterfamilias of U.S.
He said that as the institutional head and paterfamilias, he believed that friends of the bar would have to extend their cooperation to overcome delay in cases' disposal.
He then dismissed Awolowo's surviving children as not showing 'much of the paterfamilias' brio and depth', while reaching the most outrageous conclusion that if Awo were to come back to life 'he would have committed the extraordinary act of divorce after death'.