paternity test

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paternity test

An analysis, usually of the DNA or blood type of a mother, child, and putative father, to estimate the probability that the man is the biological father of the child.

paternity testing n.
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pater′nity test`

an assessment of possible paternity based on a comparison of the genetic markers of the offspring and those of the putative father.
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Noun1.paternity test - a test based on blood groups to determine whether a particular man could be the biological father of a particular child; negative results prove he was not the father but positive results show only that he could be
assay, check - an appraisal of the state of affairs; "they made an assay of the contents"; "a check on its dependability under stress"
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pa·ter·ni·ty test

n. prueba de la paternidad, comparación del tipo sanguíneo de hijo-hija y de un posible padre para verificar si éste es el padre biológico.
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Tyga, whose real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, was caught up in a paternity test riddle when Kylie's baby Stormi was born.
The court may order for paternity test, determine who should bear the cost of the test and finally make relevant orders based on the results.
Court proceedings to terminate the parental rights to the younger brother of slain 5-year old AJ Freund of Crystal Lake have been postponed while authorities await the results of a paternity test.
Polk order a paternity test to determine who is the father of a boy identified in the decision as Joshua BB.
The Brussels appeals court has ordered the retired king of Belgium to take a DNA paternity test, overturning an earlier ruling in a suit brought by 50-year-old artist Delphine Boel.
He was stunned when Bonnie Lockhart claimed he was the father of her baby and immediately demanded a paternity test to prove that wasn't the case.
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