path of least resistance

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Noun1.path of least resistance - the easiest way; "In marrying him she simply took the path of least resistance"
fashion - characteristic or habitual practice
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She then drifted in to Eurynome as convenience further directed, still nevertheless hankering after Euryclea, till at last she found that the path of least resistance would lie in the direction of making Eurynome and Euryclea two persons.
Instead of following the path of least resistance, we need to examine the difficult questions about how we failed to ensure it does not happen again.
So we follow the path of least resistance, and that path inevitably leads us to the couch and the TV.
I followed the path of least resistance: I stayed in school because I was in good in school.
In his Health and Social Care Act, 2012, he found the path of least resistance; he took the matter out of the hands of experts and placed it into those of local councillors.
Sarich says the bottom line may be that "the consumer wants the path of least resistance." Whether it be from a large agency or a local broker with a range of offerings, agency experts agree customers are expecting more of the one- stop-shop model.
"Fraud follows the path of least resistance. With more shipping and billing options available to create a better customer experience, criminals attempt to exploit any added convenience," Adam Fingersh, Experian general manager and senior vice president of fraud and identity solutions, said.
"Defined Contribution Pensions: Plan Rules, Participant Choices, and the Path of Least Resistance." In Tax Policy and the Economy, 16:67-114.
TEHRAN (FNA)- It's not exactly difficult to find and install Android apps the conventional way, but it seems Google wants to create a path of least resistance between thinking about an app you might want and actually installing it.
When sound energy hits the ear, rather than trying to fight its way into a small space In your ear, the sound energy travels the path of least resistance, which is in the large low-pressure space of the chamber.
It's the path of least resistance. D: Mark wanted to marry Sophie, he wanted to live with Dobby, and he desperately wants not to be with Jeremy.
Hackers and other criminals look for the path of least resistance, and simple practices can deter them.