(păth′brā′kər, päth′-)
1. One that opens a path or trail.
2. One that is original or innovative; a pioneer.
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Mustafa's debut 2009 film, City of Life, is considered a pathbreaker of sorts, and often referenced as a leading light in UAE filmmaking.
The military is the largest energy consumer in the federal government, so whether it's electricity and how we generate it, or the consumption of liquid fuels, the military takes a leading role as the pathbreaker.
We have always been considered an innovator and pathbreaker in the field of aviation, and it is gratifying to be recognised for our efforts and contribution to the Mena economy.
Clinton was already one of the most controversial First Ladies variously referred to as copresident, power-seeker, symbol of baby-boomer womanhood, congenital liar, but also as pathbreaker, and international activist and defender of women and children (see, e.
As one of the most influential female CEOs in the world, she's a pathbreaker and a trailblazer and an inspiration to women everywhere.
The inhospitable world of higher education, especially toward traditionally subordinated groups, can ultimately "push out" women of color academics--so preparing to become a pathbreaker in this context takes on even greater meaning.
As Anatol Lieven, a correspondent for the London Times in Moscow, observed, "Latvia was definitely the pathbreaker in patriotic demonstrations and revelations.
While much emphasis has been placed on Ronald Reagan's role, Williams nicely establishes that Richard Nixon was the pathbreaker, scheming with his aides to "lock up the Protestant vote for Republicans.
John Simons, a pathbreaker in animal-standpoint criticism, notes, in
46) However, the Arkansas Judicial Branch took two further steps that mark it as a true pathbreaker.
Though there may well be others, the most significant of these choices are made by the sucker who contributes to a public good, the punter who makes the risky first move in an equilibrium selection for a "game," and the pathbreaker who pioneers a new way rather than leave it to others to do it.
When Pinkie Gordon Lane passed away on December 3, 2008, Louisiana and the nation lost a gifted lyric poet, whose long and distinguished career as an educator, administrator, community leader, and racial pathbreaker culminated in her appointment as the first African American Poet Laureate of Louisiana in 1989.