(păth′brā′kər, päth′-)
1. One that opens a path or trail.
2. One that is original or innovative; a pioneer.
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He was among the first recipients of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights, presented to him in 1998 by President Bill Clinton, who called Bernstein "a pathbreaker for freedom of expression and the protection of rights at home and abroad."
Bolt and Pathbreaker Ventures also participated in the latest funding round for the Y Combinator-backed company.
Summary: Indian pathbreaker wins her fifth gold at Asian Championship
With its signature motto 'we build your dreams', it has become one of the most trusted real estate brands in the kingdom and a pathbreaker in building ultramodern living spaces, ensuring luxury, elegance and convenience, said a statement.
A pathbreaker coming of age in the 1960s, Aidoo is an elder stateswoman of contemporary African poetry, and her work can be seen in its incredible breadth in After the Ceremonies: New and Selected Poems, edited by Helen Yitah (2017).
The military is the largest energy consumer in the federal government, so whether it's electricity and how we generate it, or the consumption of liquid fuels, the military takes a leading role as the pathbreaker. It can put solar and wind on military installations and push to have biofuels as a backup.
We have always been considered an innovator and pathbreaker in the field of aviation, and it is gratifying to be recognised for our efforts and contribution to the Mena economy.
Engestrom continues to say that "activity theory has the conceptual potential and methodological potential to be a pathbreaker in studies that help humans gain control over their own artifacts and thus over their future" (Engestrom, 1999a, p.
Clinton was already one of the most controversial First Ladies variously referred to as copresident, power-seeker, symbol of baby-boomer womanhood, congenital liar, but also as pathbreaker, and international activist and defender of women and children (see, e.g., Trent and Short).
This made him a pathbreaker in constructing a media image for himself.
(2) Her death was a quiet event for such a pathbreaker; only a small funeral notice appeared in the Los Angeles Times ("Vital Records," 19 May 1952).