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 (păth′brā′kĭng, päth′-)
Characterized by originality and innovation; pioneering.
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Acknowledging NASA for collaboration in the discovery, he said: "We truly believe it is a pathbreaking finding.
His account of the contest between the New Freedom and the New Nationalism reform programs is judicious, although not pathbreaking.
Farber's pathbreaking critique in the 1994 Chronicle of Higher Education singled out "older scholars who participated in the Sixties." "People in the academy," Farber reasoned, "are kidding themselves if they believe that a young scholar is not bucking the already long odds of finding and keeping a decent job if he or she challenges certain myths of the Sixties."(34)
Other real-people models, including Jane Pratt, the pathbreaking former editress of Sassy magazine, and Pat Hearn, the ever soignee art dealer, were transformed into inhabitants of a leghorn-hued country idyll, with salmon accents.
Dance flicks rarely aim at narrating pathbreaking stories, and director Remo D'Souza knows.
Du, QBG and the Nail Spa were bestowed with the Dubai Chamber CSR Label for their pathbreaking initiatives in terms of best CSR and sustainability practices.
Unlike their previous books, however, including their pathbreaking, albeit not universally embraced, study of the Venona decrypts, In Denial is not truly a work of history.
By rethinking the traditional techniques, categories and, assumptions of the Annales school, Laurence Fontaine of France's CNRS has produced a pathbreaking work which moves a hitherto neglected social type, the supposedly "marginal" pedlar, to the center of early modern European economic, social, and cultural history.
He reminds me of another offender of good taste, largely scorned in our century until Sir John Summerson, in 1945, published his pathbreaking essay "William Butterfield, or the Glory of Ugliness," reclaiming the ferocious originality of this Victorian architect's attack on received standards of visual property.
Describing the food security initiative as " pathbreaking", Thomas confirmed that he has sent letters to the CMs on the issue of " augmenting storage facilities." " We've already highlighted the importance of the scheme and the requirement of storage facilities in our formal and informal conversations with the states.
There is nothing new or pathbreaking about this idea.
They are precisely the kinds of big questions to which this imaginative and pathbreaking work of engaged analysis leads us.