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A male who is the passive partner in anal intercourse.

[Latin pathicus, submitting to sexual penetration, from Greek pathikos, from pathos, something endured, suffering; see kwent(h)- in Indo-European roots.]


1. a catamite
2. a person who suffers; victim
3. of or relating to a catamite
4. of or relating to suffering
[C17: via Latin from Greek pathikos passive; see pathos]
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Auction are invited for sell of property Boi z lucknow br lucknow acc swastic pathic services
LAHORE -- The Department of Theriogenology of the University of Veterinary and Animal Science (UVAS) organised a one-day training workshop on 'Precision dairy farming' at Ravi Campus, Pathic.
pain pathic culation hidrosis pain 1 + - + + + + N 2 + - + + + - N 3 + - + + + + N 4 + + + + + + N 5 + + + + + + N 6 + - + + + + N Case ADs ADs SSR/ Treatment no.
In the literature, MIH is also known as non-fluoride enamel opacities, internal enamel hypoplasia, non- endemic mottling of enamel, opaque spots, idio- pathic enamel opacities and idiopathic enamel hy- pomineralization.
He earned his DO from Philadelphia College of Osteo pathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his MBA from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.
As per details, the robbers looted Homeo Pathic medicine stores in Haji Lal Badshah Plaza of Risalpur in eid holidays.
Others clearly follow a different idea of what's most relevant to convey about the original, as in the Zukofskys' version of the same lines: "Mool 'tis homos, Naso, 'n' queer take 'im mool 'tis ho most he / descended: Naso, mool 'tis--is it pathic, cuss.
Vero Cells (African green monkey kidney fibroblasts cell--cell bank of Pasteur Institute of Iran) that are appropriate cells for Cyto pathic effect or CPE of Herpes simplex virus.
Prevalence of poly cystic ovaries in women with an Ovulation and idio pathic hirsutism.
By means of modal and pathic features one could disclose the psychical, socio-cultural and discursive plurality of the subject; they also allow for a semiotic typology of the subject to emerge (Parret 1986: 246ff)--a semiotization of some Heideggerian categories.
Multiple cerebral infarctions in a patient with refractory idio pathic thrombocytopenic purpura.