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Both are complex medical cases, in which multiple comorbidities contribute to the immunodepression (in the first case) and to a complex pathogeny in the second.
Larger prospective studies can increase our understanding of the role of genetic mechanisms on HIV transmission and pathogeny. Our findings demonstrate that MTCT is strongly associated with HLA-B*14 expression and can predict the likelihood of HIV-1 MTCT, probably as a consequence of an inadequate immune response to HIV infection.
Our ultimate goal was to understand the role of a-fodrin in regulating the levels of inflammatory factors in pathogeny of SS mice.
Thus, the pathogeny of septic shock in this patient was further investigated.
The diagnosis of BCD was established by histopathology or pathogeny. BCD cases were not treated with any therapy.
The pathogeny of primitive cardiac teratomas is not well known, and the theory of migration of totipotent germ cells is the most accepted to explain their origins.
CNV can influence the susceptibility to disease and explain genetic pathogeny as related studies have been widely applied in the etiology of complex chronic diseases [5].
In optical biomedical imaging, dye markers such as hematoxylin-eosin staining (HE stain) are usually utilized as exogenous contrast agents to highlight the focuses and provide more detailed information on pathology and pathogeny of disease [1, 2].
(1) Department of Pathogeny Biology, College of Basic Medical Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun 130021, China
The aim of this study was to specifically address the hypothesis that the loss of CAV1 is involved in the pathogeny of the inflammatory response.
Their cardiovascular pathogeny can be framed as: prehepatic-splenoportal thrombosis, congenital anomalies of the portal vein (atresia, stenosis, cavernoma), rarely arterioportal fistulas; intrahepatic causes like: thrombosis and consecutive iatrogenic fibrosis, especially affecting the centrolobular veins; posthepatic causes like: cardiac failure, constrictive pericarditis, Budd-Chiari syndrome, inferior vena cava thrombosis, congenital venous malformations (hypoplasia, stenosis).
Nurses and medical staff who arc to handle the patient postoperatively have swabs taken from the nose, mouth, throat and rectum for bacteriological examination to determine if they are carriers of any potential pathogeny