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 (pə-thŏg′nə-mŏn′ĭk, păth′əg-nō-)
Specific to a certain disease or condition, as a symptom or finding on physical examination.

[Greek pathognōmonikos : patho-, patho- + gnōmonikos, able to judge (from gnōmōn, interpreter; see gnō- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Pathology) pathol characteristic or indicative of a particular disease
[C17: from Greek pathognōmonikos expert in judging illness, from patho- + gnōmōn judge]
ˌpathognoˈmonically adv
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a. patognomónico-a, rel. a un signo o síntoma característico de una enfermedad.
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The pathognomonic finding for nail-patella syndrome is the presence of the triangular lunula, she said.
Wickham striae are a pathognomonic sign of LP and histologically represent the focal thickening of the granular layer of the epidermis.
However, the patient who complains of Ondine's curse as they're falling asleep is pathognomonic for anxiety."
Except for the melanotic stool, these indicators are not pathognomonic.3,4 Doppler ultrasonography, angiography or scintigraphy may demonstrate the vascular occlusion, but this is not a mystery.5 If there is no contraindication, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy is a unique method to identify the mucosal viability.6 Endoscopic signs of bowel gangrene include devitalized brown-black mucosa and gangrenous blood-stained effluent.5,6 In surgery, bowel gangrene is easily diagnosed by means of a brown-black bowel segment.8
(3) This presentation is known as the "curlicue" sign and is pathognomonic for ureterosciatic hernia.
However, this finding does not seem to be pathognomonic for melanoma (1).
The sunflower cataract in Wilson's disease: pathognomonic sign or rare finding?
The substance oozing from the patient's umbilicus is pathognomonic of mucinous ascites, often described as jelly belly.
The typical and pathognomonic sign on computed tomography is usually an oval-shaped fat density of 2-3 cm (3).
The pathognomonic feature that differentiates TPO from other disorders affecting the airways, such as amyloidosis, is the intact posterior wall of the trachea in TPO (3, 4).
This view, which may already have been relatively unfair at the time, has been challenged since then by the application of molecular diagnostic approaches, providing "pathognomonic" evidence of disease, such as the detection of specific translocations in fine-needle aspiration samples from lymphomas or sarcomas.
There are no pathognomonic serological and immunological tests for renal hydatid disease.