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Variant of paten.


(ˈpætɪn) or


(Ecclesiastical Terms) variants of paten
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Must-try's include Ikan bakar (grilled fish), salted fish, dried squid, and patin tampoyek, a very interesting freshwater fish dish cooked with fermented durian.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 8, 2019-: Seth Patin CEO of LogistiVIEW Explains How Connected Worker Technology Improves Productivity
But there are a lot of displaced people that we and the Red Cross are providing food and shelter for, because, though lots of the houses look just fine on the outside, the insides are demolished," Jason Patin, director of Ridgecrest Parks and Recreation, told Xinhua.
Besides the succulent 'ikan patin masak tempoyak' dish (catfish seasoned with fermented durian-based gravy) being served, another highlight of the evening was Loke presenting a RM10,000 cheque to a representative of the Malaysia Homemakers and Women Civil Service Officials association for the Transport Ministry chapter.
The Scotland-Quebec connection comes via Karl Jay-Lewin, artistic director for Dance North Scotland, whose interest began with Le Patin Libre, the contemporary dance ice skaters he programmed for Rise 2015.
Brandon Patin with the Tomball Police Department said, "He is no longer an employee there.
Says company president Patrick Patin, "We blend our proprietary and patent-pending mix of nylons directly with recycled or virgin PET to make NyLester with no additives or chemical processes (just dry hoppers and an extruder).
Sin olvidar a los violentos hell angels, y los pandilleros, cadeneros, navajeros, patin y trompon, de la ciudad de Mexico, que, a su manera, tambien presentaron una rebelion juvenil en contra de su sociedad que antes tos habla marginado: como Los Nazis de la Portales, tan autenticos como los pachucos angelinos de El laberinto de la soledad de Octavio Paz.
While Oscar Patin of Ecuador clinched the gold medal with an overall timing of 40:51.86, Jan Moreu of Puerto Rico settled for the third podium finish with an overall clock timing of 41:59.29.
Later O the summer, look for Doug Elkins (July 27-28), Canadian ice skating group Le Patin Libre (Aug.
Equally entertaining is Didier's Charleston-infused choreography, showcased in the ebullient "Maybe My Baby Loves Me." The number features Turlington and the terrific duo of Darren Patin and Travis Austin Wright.
There's also a chance to see Canadian-based collective Le Patin Libre - who are taking ice-skating to a whole new level - in action.