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 (pə-tĭs′ə-rē, pä-tēs-rē′)
A bakery specializing in French pastry.

[French pâtisserie, from Old French pastiserie, from pasticier, to make pastry, from *pastitz, pastry, from Vulgar Latin *pastīcium, from Late Latin pasta, dough; see paste1.]


1. (Cookery) a shop where fancy pastries are sold
2. (Cookery) such pastries
[C18: French, from pâtissier pastry cook, ultimately from Late Latin pasta paste1]


(pəˈtɪs ə ri)

1. a shop where pastry, esp. French pastry, is made and sold.
[1760–70; < French pâtisserie, Middle French pastiserie=pastis-, presumed Old French *pastitz pastry (< Vulgar Latin *pastīcium pasty, pie) + -erie -ery]
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Noun1.patisserie - a bakery specializing in French pastry
bakehouse, bakery, bakeshop - a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold


[pəˈtiːsəri] n
(= shop) → pâtisserie f
(= cakes and pastries) → pâtisseries fpl


(= pastry shop)Konditorei f
(= pastries)Feingebäck nt
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and Australian beef; the vibrant Cafe Belge, celebrating the grand style and elegance of 1920s Brussels; the contemporary Cake patisserie and cafe, devoted to celebrating the tradition of tea with fresh and decadent cakes, pastries and cookies; Cara, an elegant breakfast and lunch restaurant offering international flavours for every palate; the alfresco dining venue of Sunken Garden; Le Cirque Dubai's exquisite French cuisine with a twist of Italian flair; and the Lobby Lounge & Terrace, inviting guests to sip cocktails beneath a heavenly tapestry of stars.
Three of the eight finalists selected from across the UK were from Loughborough College, with Maezy Beck who came second joined by hospitality and catering classmates Sophie King and Kieran Rudolph, at the Revamp the Vol-au-Vent challenge from global patisserie company Pidy.
THE owner of Patisserie Valerie has reported a rise in full-year sales and profits as tight cost controls helped it overcome soaring inflation, with the group also considering opening a new production plant in Manchester.
THE owner of Patisserie Valerie, which has its main bakery in Birmingham, has reported a rise in fullyear sales and profits as tight cost controls helped it overcome soaring inflation, with the group also considering opening a new production plant in Manchester.
Since making the final of the BBC's Great British Bake Off spin-off Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, Cocorico Patisserie on Whitchurch Road has been inundated with customers queuing up for a taste of the pastries.
Under the watchful eye of pastry don Laurian, Cocorico Patisserie has gone from strength to strength since opening in 2010 on Whitchurch Road in the capital and any visitor can't fail to be wowed by the colourful array of macarons, sumptuous tarts and, sometimes, a towering croquembouche.
Apres avoir vu les prix et la foule dans les epiceries, Lamia, une autre menagere, a quant a elle, choisi de partir pour acheter les gateaux chez une patisserie.
For Alys Evans life is a piece of cake, or to be more precise, a complete cake, as her passion and skill in this art of baking and decorating has put her on a successful career path that has seen her head to Barcelona for work experience in a Japanese/ Catalonian patisserie.
Bizu Patisserie at Greenbelt 2 (7572498), Greenhills Promenade (7242498), Alabang Town Center (8092498), St.
At court, Patisserie Holdings plc was fined PS60,000 and ordered to pay PS5,690 in costs, after earlier pleading guilty to four offences under the Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations 2013.
FEAST your eyes on Teesside's first Patisserie Valerie.
The company, which manages business interests in segments ranging from arts and photography to high-end retail, distribution and F&B, announced the opening of Divan Patisserie at The Dubai Mall.