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Adj.1.patrilinear - based on or tracing descent through the male line; "a patrilineal society"
lineal, direct - in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child; "lineal ancestors"; "lineal heirs"; "a direct descendant of the king"; "direct heredity"
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Se ciencia, teologia e cultura se fundem e ditam regras, sustentando um modelo patriarcal e patrilinear, o fenomeno que torna capaz tal acontecimento e a memoria intertextual, ou seja, a informacao repetida construindo a memoria coletiva, sendo este um dos pontos mais importantes do livro de Luisa Marinho Antunes.
Ainda que menos hierarquica, antes mesmo da colonizacao a sociedade somali era altamente patrilinear, onde mulheres e meninas eram designadas a um status inferior aos homens tanto na esfera domestica quanto na publica.
The patrilinear nuclear family forms the basis for church organization.
Population structure and identification of two matrilinearand one patrilinear mitochondrial lineages in the mussel Mytella charruana.
Jahrhunderts als rationale Vaterfigur ermoglichte schliesslich eine Neuinterpretation der Theatergeschichte im Zeitalter der "Verschriftlichung": "fiber die Schrift und fiber Sohne, also theoretisch-abstrakt und patrilinear" (147).
E cada tipo de pintura corresponde a uma secao, as pessoas sao vinculadas por transmissao patrilinear, estando cada secao relacionada aos nomes proprios, que identificam o individuo e estabelecem o seu lugar social e cerimonial.
Os Tutsi e os Hutu falam a mesma lingua banto, tem a mesma religiao, seguiam as mesmas praticas culturais (parentesco patrilinear, poliginia), vivem lado a lado e com frequencia casavam-se entre si.
In attempting to avoid the reproduction of the patrilinear Signatur e-sinthome that presides over the canon of Italian cinema (and Italian culture more generally), the four articles presented here explore how an imagery inherited from the 1960s and 1970s still influences, in subtly anachronistic ways, contemporary narratives about Rome, some taking the aforementioned films as starting points while others draw from other texts, and covering a most varied range of sources (cinema, literature, essays, journal articles, popular media, visual arts).
In effect, the relations among patrilinear clans are based in homosocial desire (what Irigaray punningly calls 'hommo-sexuality'), a repressed and, hence, disparaged sexuality, a relationship between men which is, finally, about the bonds of men, but which takes place through the heterosexual exchange and distribution of women" (40-41).
Nome de Familia: Maternidade Fora do Casamento e o Principio de Filiagao Patrilinear. Tesis doctoral inedita.
(2) Paternity, in order to support patrilinear descent and prevailing structures of inheritance, needs only to be based on the facade of a more or less feasible biological tie: "L'enfant concu pendant le mariage a pour pere le mari." (3) The children of aduherous mothers are therefore regularly absorbed into the institution of marriage, and what has been dubbed "une fiction legale" (Nesci) can be recognized as such without damage to the system.
Husbands could do as they liked, but if wives were not chaste, husbands, who assumed patriarchal control of expenses, would fear that they may not be passing on their property to their offspring in that patrilinear society.