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1. Anthropology Of or relating to residence with a husband's kin group or clan.
2. Zoology Of or relating to the tendency of females to leave their natal group and reside in or mate with males of a different group: Chimpanzees are patrilocal.

pat′ri·lo·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
pat′ri·lo′cal·ly adv.


the state or custom of residing with the family or tribe of the husband, as in certain primitive societies. Cf. matrilocality. — patrilocal, adj.
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In rural areas, the patrilineal inheritance system (in which an individual's family membership is derived from and recorded through the father's lineage) and patrilocality (which instructs a married couple to reside either with or near the husband's parents) have aggravated gender inequality (Li, 2009).
China is a patriarchal society that follows patrilineal and patrilocality practices steeped in Confucian values, which define rural life and reinforce gender roles.
Focusing on the geographic region of Latin America, anthropological and sociological studies of communities find that the nuclear family, with patrilocality, is the basic unit of social organization.
For Nguni people, clan exogamy rules and the principle of patrilocality would have rendered exclusive occupation of an area impossible, as every married woman would have had to be part of a clan other than that of her husband.
Some of the ingrained preference is due to the norms governing inheritance, the continued practice of paying a dowry for female children to be married and the tradition of "patrilocality" -- women joining their husband's households -- and rituals which need to be performed by male children.
In Karabakh society, three factors determine the next life stage of widows--motherhood, patrilocality and strict social control.
Baker and Jacobsen (2007) use a bargaining framework to argue that patrilocality should be more common when the husband's human capital is relatively location specific compared to the wife's, and conversely for matrilocality.
In urban China, patrilocality may be declining, with the importance of sons (for old-age care) diminishing.
Patrilocality, patri-lineage and patriarchal attitudes manifest in, women and girls having subordinate position in the family, discrimination in property rights and low-paid or unpaid jobs.
Taylor's research on North Pentecost gives a sense of the local grounding of marriage among Sia Raga, given matrilineal descent and patrilocality. His male interlocutors spoke of women as flowing across the land in cycles to secure ancestral regeneration; they ideally move between moieties so that what Taylor dubs the 'place-substance' of a descent group returns to its source.
(5) The social science literature identifies the following external circumstances correlated with IPV: (1) patrilocality, or physical proximity to one's patrilineal family, (2) economic dislocation, and (3) multiple forms of isolation.
Patrilocality gives free rein to the interests of paternal kin, and is always potentially harmful for the wife and offspring.