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1. The act of moving about an area especially by an authorized and trained person or group, for purposes of observation, inspection, or security.
2. A person or group of persons who perform such an act.
a. A military unit sent out on a reconnaissance or combat mission.
b. One or more military vehicles, boats, ships, or aircraft assigned to guard or reconnoiter a given area.
4. A division of a Boy Scout troop or Girl Scout troop consisting of between six and eight children.
v. pa·trolled, pa·trol·ling, pa·trols
To engage in a patrol of.
To engage in a patrol.

[French patrouille, from patrouiller, to patrol, alteration of Old French patouiller, to paddle about in mud, patrol, probably from pate, paw; see patois.]

pa·trol′ler n.
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Noun1.patroller - someone on patrol duty; an individual or a member of a group that patrols an area
patrol - a group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security
security guard, watchman, watcher - a guard who keeps watch
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They corresponded somewhat to the "patrollers" of whom I used to hear a great deal during the days of slavery, when I was a small boy.
Like the "patrollers" the "Ku Klux" operated almost wholly at night.
A school crossing patroller is set to be introduced near to Bishopton Primary.
Lulu of Barangay San Agustin is more than enthusiastic in fulfilling his new role as senior patroller.
Livermore was only ever used as a midfield patroller by Tony Pulis.
Marketing Manager Brian Hanson told the NH Union Leader that the Segway PT and SE-3 Patroller are made in Bedford.
LEADING TOYS FOR SANTA TOP 12 toys for Christmas, as revealed by Dream Toys, include Enchantimals, Fingerlings, Hatchimals, Laser X, LOL Surprise, Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash, Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, P J Masks Headquarters Play Set, Star Wars Lego, The Original Stretch Armstrong and Toilet Trouble.
Lego's PS84.99 Star Wars BB-8 and the PS69.99 Paw Patrol Sea Patroller make the list, as do the PS49.99 high tech tag game Laser X and the PS74.99 Hatchimals Surprise.
2014) models the interaction between the patroller (defender) and the poacher (attacker) who places snares in the conservation area (see figure 1) as a basic green security game, that is, a repeated SSG, where every few months, poaching data is analyzed, and a new SSG is set up enabling improved patrolling strategies.
| RRP PS49.99, PS43.99 at Smyths PAW PATROL AIR PATROLLER WITH rotating propellers, the Air Patroller easily transforms from a helicopter into a plane.
Take to the skies with Paw Patrol's Air Patroller NERF N-STRIKE ELITE HYPERFIRE FOAM DART BLASTER THE fastest motorised Nerf dart blaster unleashes five darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto your targets!
| RRP PS49.99, PS43.99 at Smyths Car fans will love the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage PAW PATROL AIR PATROLLER WITH rotating propellers, the Air Patroller easily transforms from a helicopter into a plane.