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Adj.1.patronised - having patronage or clients; "street full of flourishing well-patronized shops"
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'For,' said he, 'as my business with this set of gentlemen was to do a public duty and a public service, and as their business with me was to prevent it by wearing my soul out, I think we had better not eat and drink together with a show of being of one mind.' Mr Meagles was much amused by his friend's oddity; and patronised him with a more protecting air of allowance than usual, when he rejoined: 'Well, well, Dan, you shall have your own crotchety way.'
A Cheshire East councillor appointed to the new post of champion for young people said he has been patronised and insulted by council members because of his age.
20 (BNA): Deputy Premier and President of the Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training, HH Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, today patronised the ceremony held by the Bahrain Teachers College (BTC), marking its 10th anniversary.
Pito is one of the most patronised drinks among the youth of Jirapa for example.
I have been patronised and told I am not experienced enough."
YES Rod McPhee: Mirror writer who is working class, Northern and proud of it Melvyn Bragg is spot-on when he says that northerners, particularly working-class northerners, are patronised by the people who create the shows we are still forced to endure.