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Adv.1.patronisingly - with condescension; in a patronizing manner; "he treats his secretary condescendingly"
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meî yfirlætislegri góîvild


(ˈpeitrən) noun
1. a person who supports (often with money) an artist, musician, writer, form of art etc. He's a patron of the arts.
2. a (regular) customer of a shop etc. The manager said that he knew all his patrons.
patronage (ˈpӕtrənidʒ) , ((American) ˈpei-) noun
the support given by a patron.
ˈpatronize, ˈpatronise (ˈpӕ-) , ((American) ˈpei-) verb
1. to behave towards (someone) in a way which is kind and friendly but which nevertheless shows that one thinks oneself to be more important, clever etc than that person. He's a nice fellow but he does patronize his assistants.
2. to visit (a shop, theatre, society etc) regularly. That's not a shop I patronize nowadays.
ˈpatronizing, ˈpatronising adjective
ˈpatronizingly, ˈpatronisingly adverb
patron saint
a saint who protects a particular person, group of people, country etc. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.
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References in classic literature ?
"It must be sewn on," she said, just a little patronisingly.
Judging by the Leader column, The Journal is clearly on the side of supporting the Midlands in getting the prestigious link, which patronisingly leaves our region with a few possible minor advantages.
While we patronisingly think the Americans don't really get what they call "soccer," in fact they are way ahead in the women's game - a record 90,000 attended the Women's World Cup final held in America 20 years ago and there were 40 million television viewers in the US alone.
Because he got SUCH a laugh from supporters for patronisingly dismissing a Laura Kuenssberg question as a "great minestrone of observation" with just "one crouton" of substance.
Headteachers were outraged that hard-pressed schools will get a PS400million bump to "buy the little extras", as Phil so patronisingly put it, while he found an extra PS420million to help councils fix crumbling roads.
Prue Leith patronisingly tells @ LauraPidcockMP to stop.
1 What do you call a man patronisingly explaining something to a woman?
Then after being sent away with a leaflet patronisingly explaining safe gun ownership, have to pay out of their own pocket to board a plane to a strange town 500 miles away.
I patronisingly promised to go slowly the whole way, like I was some kind of Chris Hoy trained Olympian.
It is a kick in the teeth for working families to hear Jeremy Hunt patronisingly say that the reason they are struggling to pay the bills is because they are not working hard enough.
It's a decent opening jibe but if this match is to end in bitter acrimony, then Bronze needs to mention how birch syrup is preferable to maple syrup, caribou are simply rubbish reindeer and to patronisingly explain Alanis Morissette's misunderstanding of irony.
A good number of well-wishers (perhaps patronisingly) praised her goodwill efforts and prayed that God would "guide her to the right path."