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A landholder in New Netherland who, under Dutch colonial rule, was granted proprietary and manorial rights to a large tract of land in exchange for bringing 50 new settlers to the colony.

[Dutch, from French patron, patron, master, from Old French; see patron.]


(Historical Terms) (in the US) a Dutch land-holder in New Netherland and New York with manorial rights in the colonial era
[C18: from Dutch: patron1]
paˈtroonˌship n



a person who held an estate in land with certain manorial privileges granted under the old Dutch governments of New York and New Jersey.
[1655–65; < Dutch < French < Latin patrōnus]
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van der Luyden was still "Patroon." Their large solemn house in Madison Avenue was seldom opened, and when they came to town they received in it only their most intimate friends.
"Why, when that great field and that huge meadow come to be laid out in streets and cut up into snug building lots,--why, whoever owns it need not pull off his hat to the patroon!"
Fue un almuerzo muy ligero, en el Patroon de Aretsky, en la ciudad de Nueva York, con Sean Cohan para hablar de un tema pesado: si la supuesta dificil situacion de los servicios de television por cable esta afectando el modelo comercial de los canales de television paga.
Built at Hemburg Artillerie-Inrichtingen, they were mechanically identical to the British Mark I Lewis gun, but were fitted with different sights, a carrying handle on the barrel jacket, and were chambered for the Scherpe patroon No.
Es destacable tambien, que esta entidad cuenta con la mayor cantidad de sectores con patrones de co-locacion respecto a la IA, no obstante, los valores obtenidos por el estadistico son de baja magnitud, ya que mientras Nuevo leon tiene como valor maximo un CLQ3364^3364 = 3.51, en otras entidades se pueden observar valores maximos superiores a [CLQ.sub.x[diestra flecha]y] > 10; lo que tiene su explicacion en la sensibilidad del estadastico utilizado y el numero de ramas comprendidas en el patroon de co-locacioon.
Dit is egter eers wanneer die dramas se skrywers nagespeur word dat 'n patroon uit die verf kom (sien figuur 1).
DeBragga, New York's Butcher[R], dry ages and custom cuts the finest naturally raised meats for the New York region's most discriminating chefs, including Daniel Boulud's restaurants, Gotham Bar & Grill, Jean-Georges restaurant group, Craft, Colicchio & Sons Tap Room, Roberta's, Patroon, Le Bernardin, M.
In 2013, the first phase of the cleanup was conducted to remove contaminated surface soil and sediment at the facility and in an unnamed tributary to the Patroon Creek adjacent to the facility.
Recipients were: The City of Albany, to increase educational and recreational opportunities along Patroon Creek in the Tivoli Lake Preserve; The City of Kingston to install a fishing pier on Rondout Creek; West Harlem Environmental Action Inc., to develop plans for a new community center for ecological education and recreational activities; and Yonkers, Groundwork Hudson Valley, to develop access plans near Saw Mill River for fishing, birding, walking, and environmental education.
Op 'n spesifieke aand waartydens die spanning in die hotel voelbaar word, word hie slegs sekere individue hie, maar almal deel van 'n patroon van "ontbinding en samekoms" (Viljoen 1993: 67); "ontbinding en transformasie" (p.
Two streams, Big Sandy Creek and Patroon Bayou, were found to be of particular interest because of the presence of listed species or high species richness and may warrant priority in future development of resource management strategies and conservation efforts.