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Any one of various types of wooden-soled footwear, such as a sandal, shoe, or clog, worn to increase one's height or to keep one's feet out of the mud.

[Middle English patin, from Old French, perhaps from pate, paw, hoof; see patois.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a wooden clog or sandal on a raised wooden platform or metal ring
[C14: from Old French patin, probably from patte paw]


(ˈpæt n)

1. any sturdy or thick-soled shoe or boot, as a sabot or chopine, worn to protect the feet from mud or wetness.
2. a separate sole attached to a shoe or boot for this purpose.
[1350–1400; Middle English paten < Middle French patin wooden shoe, perhaps derivative of pate paw]
pat′tened, adj.
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Noun1.patten - footwear usually with wooden solespatten - footwear usually with wooden soles  
footgear, footwear - covering for a person's feet


[ˈpætn] Nzueco m, chanclo m


nStelzenschuh m
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He was an ingenious workman, and made excellent pattens; nay, the very patten with which he was knocked down was his own workmanship.
In doing which she lost her temper, or mislaid it for an instant; for, the water being uncomfortably cold, and in that slippy, slushy, sleety sort of state wherein it seems to penetrate through every kind of substance, patten rings included-- had laid hold of Mrs.
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