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AT length there was a pitter- patter, pitter-patter, and some bits of mortar fell from the wall above.
You see," (to the prospective buyer), "I've got the entire patter for you.
You can change the patter according to the cities you're in," he explained to the Frenchman.
Continuing the patter, Collins put the performance on.
The wind was as high as ever; but to judge by the lessening patter on the windows the rain was passing away.
For a minute there was no sound in the kitchen but the little daughter's sobbing and the sympathetic patter of the rain.
As I write I hear in the still house the running of little feet, a fairy patter sweet and terrible to the heart.
The boys were being put to bed; the patter of their bare, escaping feet could be heard occasionally, as well as the pursuing voice of the quadroon, lifted in mild protest and entreaty.
When at last, as by the touching of a spring, he returned again to clearness of consciousness and even a measure of composure, the bells had but just done ringing, and the Sabbath silence was still marred by the patter of belated feet.
and that these patters differ on the different fingers.
One twin's patters are never the same as his fellow twin's patters--the jury will find that the patterns upon the finger balls of the twins' hands follow this rule.
Lauren Bruce, 29, dug her extensions into Margaret Patterson's face at the Patter Bar.