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pat·ter 1

v. pat·tered, pat·ter·ing, pat·ters
1. To make a quick succession of light soft tapping sounds: Rain pattered steadily against the glass.
2. To move with quick, light, softly audible steps.
To cause to patter.
A quick succession of light soft tapping sounds: the patter of rain on the rooftops.

[Frequentative of pat.]

pat·ter 2

v. pat·tered, pat·ter·ing, pat·ters
1. To speak or chatter glibly and rapidly.
2. To mumble prayers in a mechanical manner.
To utter in a glib, rapid, or mechanical manner.
1. The jargon of a particular group; cant.
2. Glib rapid speech, as of an auctioneer, salesperson, or comedian.
3. Meaningless talk; chatter.

[Middle English pateren, shortening and alteration of paternoster, paternoster (from the mechanical and rapid recitation of the prayer); see paternoster.]

pat′ter·er n.


1. a person who speaks glibly or rapidly
2. a person able to speak the jargon or lingo of a particular group
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The harp is the travelling patterer for the Universe's Insurance Company, recommending its laws, and our little goodness is all the assessment that we pay.
We promote these organizations in all possible ways-including via the World Wide Web and in our publication, the International Guide to Patterer Support Organizations.
This was the milieu which once housed and displayed entertainers like the Fire King and the Running Patterer, with his news of alley murders and escaped criminals, which made the hair rise on the scalps of those caught in these foggy back streets after d ark.