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also pattern maker  (păt′ərn-mā′kər)
A person, machine, or software program that makes patterns, as for sewing, carpentry, or industrial machinery.

pat′tern·mak′ing n.
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Noun1.patternmaker - someone who makes patterns (as for sewing or carpentry or metalworking)
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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Chris Catlin, who showed two sides of his talent by dictating a steady pace before kicking on Patternmaker, then riding a very strong finish for a last-stride win on Sounds Simla
This technology is also licensed by a new company, Sanders Design International, which introduced a competing machine, the Rapid PatternMaker (RPM), in 1999.
Fred quickly found work as a patternmaker with the Packard Motor Company.
The Bridgeport Machines company traces back to the late 1920s, when two Swedish immigrants, toolmaker Magnus Wahlstrom and patternmaker Rudolph Bannow, joined forces to develop several milling attachments.
Lawrence Dismuke's sister, Donna Dismuke-Gray, Disketta's treasurer, works as a patternmaker for Jackie O's, a Los Angeles-based dress manufacturer, while his brother-in-law, Stephen S.
Watch a designer sketching and illustrating; draping a three-dimensional design; see the patternmaker uses sketches and draping to make the pattern; and observe the garment being assembled with an industry standard machine.
Lamoncha, Humtown Products: When people think of a patternmaker, they imagine someone gluing wood segments together or using a lathe.
Paul graduated from Boys Trade High School in Worcester in 1946 and worked as a patternmaker at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines before launching a long and successful career as an entrepreneur in 1951.
Mr and Mrs Jackson from Ward End had no theatrical background - he was a British Motor Corporation patternmaker producing Morris Minors - but thought that Barry, after the founder of the Birmingham Rep, had a nice ring about it.
After several experiences of this dulled vision Laurie, a former patternmaker who went on to run his own woodworking firm, decided he needed to take expert advice.
Patternmaker hated the conditions in a competitive race at Newmarket's July course last time out but should find things more conducive to gain success at Folkestone.