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Noun1.patty-pan - a pan for cooking patties or pasties
cooking pan, pan - cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
References in classic literature ?
Such lovely pie-crust; and I put in a little tin patty-pan to hold up the crust; and I made a hole in the middle with a fork to let out the steam--Oh I do wish I could eat my own pie, instead of a pie made of mouse!"
"Thank you, my dear Ribby; I was only feeling for the patty-pan."
"The patty-pan that held up the pie-crust," said Duchess, blushing under her black coat.
"There isn't a patty-pan," said Ribby, looking perplexed.
I have swallowed a patty-pan! Oh, my dear Ribby, I do feel so ill!"
"It is impossible, my dear Duchess; there was not a patty-pan."
"Oh I do feel so ill ALL OVER me, my dear Ribby; I have swallowed a large tin patty-pan with a sharp scalloped edge!"