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Any of several deciduous trees of the genus Paulownia, native to East Asia, having large, heart-shaped, opposite leaves and pyramidal panicles of purplish or white flowers with a spotted interior. Also called princess tree.

[New Latin Paulownia, genus name, after Anna Paulovna (1795-1865), Russian princess and queen of William II of the Netherlands.]


(Plants) any scrophulariaceous tree of the Japanese genus Paulownia, esp P. tomentosa, having large heart-shaped leaves and clusters of purplish or white flowers
[C19: New Latin, named after Anna Paulovna, daughter of Paul I of Russia]


(pɔˈloʊ ni ə)

n., pl. -ni•as.
any Asiatic tree of the genus Paulownia, of the figwort family, esp. P. tomentosa, having showy clusters of flowers in early spring.
[< New Latin (1835), after Anna Pavlovna, daughter of Paul I of Russia; see -ia]
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