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A thin slice of meat or fish wrapped around a forcemeat or vegetable filling.

[French, probably from obsolete poulpe, fleshy part, from Old French polpe, from Latin pulpa.]
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(ˌpɔːpɪˈjɛt; pɔːˈpjɛt)
(Cookery) cookery a rolled and stuffed piece of fish or meat
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Sample dish: The Fish Market - stuffed sole paupiette, pan-fried sea bass and salmon, hot potted smoked salmon and prawns with lobster cream, crispy halibut goujon, salt cod fishcake, creamed peas, beetroot tartar dressing, Provencal relish.
Some of the specialities of the restaurant include Chicken Paupiette Charlesville, a chicken fillet filled with onions and mushrooms, grilled tomato, hot vegetables and gratin, Tartiflette - fried onions and baked potatoes topped with a blue cheese cream sauce accompanied by pieces of grilled chicken fillet, and the Saumon a la Hollandaise, grilled pink salmon served with a lemony white sauce, hot vegetables, mashed potatoes and garlic butter.
| Paupiette of turbot, crab and black olive, sweet potato, asparagus, pickled fennel, balscamic 'Caviars', PS16.45.
(34) While a Banff Springs Hotel menu from 1927 still offered its more sophisticated diners "Broiled Shad and Roe, Maitre d'Hotel" and "Paupiette of Veal, Chatham," it also offered a more Western Canadian dish -"Braised Fresh Ox Tongue" though it was still prepared "Florentine.' (35)
Was it to be the pan fried swordfish steak, served on saute vegetables with chilli and hoi sin noodles (PS11.95); the 2 Crowns beer battered 12oz haddock fillet with hand cut chips and mushy peas (PS10.45); poached plaice paupiette - a plaice fillet stuffed with a smoked salmon and dill mousse served with Hollandaise sauce (PS9.95); Salmon Wellington - Scottish salmon supreme with saute mushrooms, leeks and spinach encased in crisp filo puff pastry and served with a white wine sauce (PS10.45)?
Van Zyl and Farooq's winning menu offered a starter including eel variation, eel terrine with asparagus, eel paupiette with herb salad and squid ink tuile, and eel ravioli with sage butter.
Signature dishes include Sirio's Pasta Primavera, Mama Egi's Ravioli, Tuna in Pistachio Crust, Paupiette of Black Cod, CrAeme BrAulAee and Floating Island 'Le Cirque'.
Chris, Chelmsley Wood AI would recommend you try a cross between poaching and steaming the fish called "en paupiette" which is basically cooking inside an aluminium foil and baking parchment parcel.
If you want to be a little more formal, the set menu of two courses for pounds 14.95 or pounds 18.95 for three courses includes red pepper and lentil soup, tiger prawns and chorizo, turkey paupiette, sirloin steak, sea bass fillets or goats cheese and butternut squash tart.
* Paupiette. Fillets of fish that are rolled and stuffed with mousseline or forcemeat into a barrel shape (Figure 10-27).
My companion ordered paupiette of sea bass and king prawn, saffron mashed potato with chive and cream sauce (pounds 14.
Mustard is reputed to stimulate the sexual glands and stir carnal desires, so you could opt for the paupiette de poulet, a camembert stuffed chicken breast wrapped in jambon cru and served with oregano and mustard sauce.