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Noun1.paving machine - a machine for laying pavementpaving machine - a machine for laying pavement  
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
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We have to close the road as the whole carriageway, not just the top layer, is extensively damaged and to fix it we are using a special paving machine which takes up more than one lane.
E&B Paving pulled a flatbed with an asphalt paving machine during the ride.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) one 4 x 4 vehicle, (b) two large sized dump trucks of 16 M3 to 18 M3 size & not less than 40 tons capacity, also (c) one roaster complete for the asphalt mixer serving the paving machine.
Operators, if you're going to use your M917A1 dump truck in a paving operation with the 780T bituminous paving machine, your mechanic first needs to reposition the vehicle's left and right rear-axle brake chambers.
Divoll said his department could benefit from an agreement if it needed to use a piece of equipment Oxford does not own, such as a paving machine, or if the town faced an emergency.
These factors, along with causing many other local and global adverse effects, complicate and aggravate a host of respiratory problems from rhinovirus infection, influenza, and pneumonia, to pneumococcal disease, tuberculosis, and legionellosis, now found to spread around the community from the water tank of a paving machine.
With Dr Sarabi throwing the first shovel of hotmix onto the road, the main asphalt paving machine was ready to start work.
Marshalls, whose headquarters is in Birkby, was fined pounds 3,000, with pounds 2,955 costs, by Halifax Magistrates yesterday after concrete worker Jeffrey Sampson lost a fingertip in a paving machine.
For SF applications, the placed concrete mixture also must become firm enough to hold the vertical pavement edge as the paving machine moves forward.
The 21,500-square feet plant, due to start work in September, will have the biggest concrete block and paving machine in the industry.
Parkman then demonstrated a digital workflow for construction, through federation of ProjectWise CONNECT Edition and Topcons Magnet Enterprise cloud services, showing the OpenRoads design driving an autonomous paving machine.