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Noun1.Pavior - a machine for laying pavementpavior - a machine for laying pavement  
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
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Cannot an honest pavior perform his work in peace, and get his money for it, and his living by it, without others talking rot about ambition and hopes of fame?
This four-bedroom Spanish-style villa in Blakedown, near Hagley, has a large brick pavior courtyard with parking for a number of vehicles and once inside, the open plan flow of the property ensures relaxed living and a great space for entertaining.
From the country lane a wide brick pavior drive and parking area provides parking for several cars.
The pavior in the cartoon could, for example, be William Golder.
34) By at least the early fourteenth century the pavior had become an official position.
The external standard specification includes pavior driveways and fully turfed gardens to the front and rear of the property, as well as 1.
The Works Include The Sourcing Of Specific Stone For Pavior Setts And Slabs, E.
Separate gated vehicle access onto a spacious private brick pavior drive provides parking for a number of cars in front of the double garage.
The 48-year-old said he needed to drive again to keep his job as a pavior with his son's company.
Included in the bargain price are turfed gardens, bathrooms with fitted showers, ensuite bathrooms off the master bedroom, patio doors and pavior driveways.
But other trades are well represented, including trades as wide ranging as steeplejack to mason pavior.
Nine pieces of art, consisting of up-lighter cases fixed into the ground, will contain images relating to the area encased in a square, bronze pavior with extra images on the surface.