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1. Of or resembling a peacock.
2. Resembling a peacock's tail in color, design, or iridescence.

[Latin pāvōnīnus, from pāvō, pāvōn-, peacock.]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or resembling a peacock or the colours, design, or iridescence of a peacock's tail
[C17: from Latin pāvōnīnus, from pāvō peacock]
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pavonine (also called peacock or peacock blue: a moderate greenish blue)
peacock (also called pavonine or peacock blue: a moderate greenish blue)
But once cloistered behind Attica's concrete walls, cut off from the world of shirtless, sweaty men on the dance floor, and pavonine drag queens decorating overstuffed sofas like throw pillows, I retreated into my shell like a mollusk.