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One that lends money at interest in exchange for personal property deposited as security.

pawn′bro′king n.
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The mother of this lady had been a servant to my grand-mother; and, having inherited a vast fortune from her father, which he had got by pawnbroking, was married to a gentleman of great estate and fashion.
For me it is a slightly sad symbol of things but I wouldn't want to be too critical as it is providing a service people want and need." Mr Johnson said he believes the image of pawnbroking has changed and thinks former post office buildings should remain part of the community.
It said it had opened a further 11 stores, bringing the total to 86, on the back of strong growth in pawnbroking.
Mr Milton's great-grandfather, Frederick Seymour Milton, was given the keys to the store, then known as Whitakker's by the first owner who decided to leave the pawnbroking world because he had no children to pass it on to.
Its pawnbroking business posted a 14% rise in gross profit to pounds 17.2m as the pledge book for the division increased by 7% to pounds 38.3m.
g g and of "It g i v e customers a clear choice between selling jewellery they no longer use and pawning items they want to redeem later." s r n y er ning The firm said profits g th t eir je j w th tgr t th 27 Ste from their pawnbroking side grew 15 per cent but their business selling jewellery was hit by the high price of gold.
As a result, short-term loans, pawnbroking and gold buying businesses all saw greater levels of demand.
Pawnbroking has long served the poor by tiding them over, but brokers say they are now serving people from all walks of life.
The pawnbroking chain, which has a branch in Hales Street in Coventry city centre, has teamed up with the charity Get Kids Going.
Turnover, drawn from the company's pawnbroking, retail, gold and silver purchasing and foreign currency, fell from PS42.2m to PS31.5m in the year to March 31.
Ramsdens owner and chairman Stewart Smith agreed to the buyout following his decision to retire from the PS40m turnover pawnbroking business.
However, the company said pawnbroking accounted for three quarters of gross profit and it remained positive about its future prospects.