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pawn 1

1. Something given as security for a loan; a pledge or guaranty.
2. The condition of being held as a pledge against the payment of a loan: jewels in pawn.
3. A person serving as security; a hostage.
4. The act of pawning.
tr.v. pawned, pawn·ing, pawns
1. To give or deposit (personal property) as security for the payment of money borrowed.
2. To risk; hazard: pawn one's honor.
Phrasal Verb:
pawn off
To dispose or get rid of deceptively: tried to pawn off the fake gemstone as a diamond.

[Middle English paun, from Old French pan, perhaps of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German pfant.]

pawn′a·ble adj.
pawn′age n.
pawn′er (pô′nər), paw′nor′ (-nôr′) n.

pawn 2

1. Abbr. P Games A chess piece of lowest value that may move forward one square at a time or two squares in the first move, capture other pieces only on a one-space diagonal forward move, and be promoted to any piece other than a king upon reaching the eighth rank.
2. A person or an entity used to further the purposes of another: an underdeveloped nation that was a pawn in international politics.

[Middle English, from Old French pedon, paon, from Medieval Latin pedō, pedōn-, foot soldier, from Late Latin, one who has broad, splayed feet, from Latin pēs, ped-, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]
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a person who pawns their possessions
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You just go on and on, repeating this process over the centuries." Jews therefore produced themselves as "blood sucking," as the strung-out radio pawner manque might put it, forced into the role by prejudice.
Identification requirements include presentation of an identification card that bears the photograph of the pawner. It also includes the provision of the following information, as stated under the revised implementing guidelines of the Anti-Money Laundering Act: Name, present and permanent addresses, date and place of birth, nationality, nature of work, contact numbers, tax identification number, social security system (SSS) or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) number, source of funds, and, if applicable, names of insurance beneficiaries.