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The shop of a pawnbroker.


(Commerce) the premises of a pawnbroker



the shop of a pawnbroker.
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Noun1.pawnshop - a shop where loans are made with personal property as securitypawnshop - a shop where loans are made with personal property as security
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
مَرْهَن، مَحَل الرُّهونات
skrifstofa veîlánara
rehinci dükkânı


[ˈpɔːnʃɒp] Nmonte m de piedad, casa f de empeños


[ˈpɔːnˌʃɒp] nmonte m di pietà


(poːn) verb
to give (an article of value) to a pawnbroker in exchange for money (which may be repaid at a later time to get the article back). I had to pawn my watch to pay the bill.
1. in chess, one of the small pieces of lowest rank.
2. a person who is used by another person for his own gain, advantage etc. She was a pawn in his ambitious plans.
ˈpawnbroker noun
a person who lends money in exchange for pawned articles.
ˈpawnshop noun
a pawnbroker's place of business.
in pawn
having been pawned. His watch is in pawn.
References in classic literature ?
He went and got his pay and his tools, which he left in a pawnshop for fifty cents.
In that case he would retain the knife in his possession, not daring to offer it for sale, or for pledge in a pawnshop.
But the nervousness that assailed him at the door of that inglorious haunt - a pawnshop - and the effort necessary to invent the pseudonym (which, somehow, seemed to him a necessary part of the procedure), had taken more time than he imagined: and when he returned to the billiard-room with the spoils, the bank had already closed its doors.
Sometimes things went wrong, and she found herself with no money at all; then her trifling possessions found their way to a pawnshop in the Vauxhall Bridge Road, and she ate bread and butter till things grew brighter.
With one mighty effort and a last terrified look round, she popped into a pawnshop.
We're pulling out of the financial pawnshop in fine shape, and we'll get out without leaving one unredeemed pledge behind.
And from such largess, dispensed from his future, Martin turned and took his one good suit of clothes to the pawnshop.
Once up town and in the pawnshop, Uncle Sam seemed thoroughly versed in the value of the medals, and Billy jingled a handful of silver in his pocket as they walked out.
And Simon Nishikanta tore himself away from his everlasting painting of all colour-delicacies of sea and sky such as are painted by seminary maidens, to be helped and hoisted up the ratlines of the mizzen rigging, the huge bulk of him, by two grinning, slim-waisted sailors, until they lashed him squarely on the crosstrees and left him to stare with eyes of golden desire, across the sun-washed sea through the finest pair of unredeemed binoculars that had ever been pledged in his pawnshops.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jewelry-N-Loan, an upscale jewelry store and pawnshop located in Costa Mesa, CA, has been very active since being purchased in April by a prestigious 77-year-old collateral lending company with locations in Beverly Hills and New York City.
Pawnshop usage is available for anyone with collateral.
There's a pawnshop (someone lives in the basement and is seen only at night).