Pay day

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On pay days he used to get drunk and come home wearing his paint-covered clothes and bringing his money with him.
Their calculations show that there could be up to six weeks between some people's pay days in December and January 2014 as people are often paid early before Christmas.
DERECK CHISORA has tried to justify his shameful antics, boasting: "My big mouth gets big pay days."
BPW International will promote Equal Pay Days where they have already been established and, through our network of members and clubs, introduce Equal Pay Days in countries where the day is not already marked.
UNIONS say Jaguar Land Rover's decision to ask staff to delay their pay days is "no big deal" for workers.
"The cup can be extremely lucrative for clubs in League One and Two, and hopefully it is our turn to progress and have a couple of good pay days," he said.
To help illustrate the need to start planning early, Insight has produced a guide to the maximum number of pay days workers can expect before they retire.
The decision was made because the visit coincides with pay day and there have been many intoxicated persons in public during the last two pay days, reported the Greenlandic online newsletter Radioavisen.
Several more big pay days are on the way for the touts in Dublin this summer with the likes of Tina Turner, Bon Jovi, Blur, Meatloaf, Bryan Adams, AC DC and the Eagles due in town.