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COMMONWEALTH GAMES: Sebastian Coe's pounds 125,000 pay packet from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games has been called into question following the withdrawals of high-profile competitors Paula Radcliffe and Ian Thorpe.
Pop Idol supremo Simon Fuller tops a separate list of TV and media top earners, with a pounds 36m pay packet last year.
Taken together, these factors indicate that corporate UK is struggling to deliver high performance and as a result constraining the management pay packet.'
THE ex-Wolves manager, John Barnwell, believes football managers are getting a raw deal when it comes to their pay packet.
"Taken together, our pay and jobs crises have shrunk Britain's total annual pay packet by more than PS50bn.
The pay-off allows Mr Mandelson to pocket the difference between his previous pounds 182,500 in Brussels and his new pay packet for three years-to the tune of pounds 234,000.
Jon Fox, regional managing director for NatWest in Wales, said: "For every pound donated by employees through the pay packet the bank will donate a further pounds 2, it really is a great way to donate money."
Falling real wages, reduced hours and changes in the kind of jobs people are doing has reduced the nation's total pay packet by 7.5 per cent since 2007.
ANDY CARROLL is demanding a whopping PS100,000-a-week pay packet to complete his PS15.5million move to West Ham.
And he wants to spend much of his pay packet on a holiday "somewhere hot" before embarking on a career.
Gunners chiefs are desperate to tie the Spaniard - whose current contract does not expire until 2013 - to an even longer deal and will offer him a bumper pay packet in the summer.
The average worker saw their pay packet increase by just 0.5 per cent months to February, down from 0.7 per cent in the previous quarter.