pay roll

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also pay roll  (pā′rōl′)
1. A list of employees receiving wages or salaries, with the amounts due to each.
2. The total sum of money to be paid out to employees at a given time.
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Any remuneration payable to these directors, even though they are not employees, must be paid through pay roll and subjected to PAYE tax and national insurance.
"Please but urgently, undertake a thorough but comprehensive investigation into the county government's pay roll system to ascertain if there is any criminality and possible prosecution of those capable." The letter reads in part.
And Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson was praised for his intervention in the dispute, after workers at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust feared bosses at out-sourcing giant ISS would withhold a week's pay as it "upgraded" its pay roll systems.
SCORES of teachers of the University of Ibadan, Staff School, Ibadan, on Monday staged a peaceful protest to demand for their immediate reinstatement for been removed from the institution's pay roll in about two years now.
PAY ROLL Tiger Roll lands the Cross Country last year
They say they are raising prices because the price of wheat that has to be imported because of the disastrously bad harvest this year has gone steeply up, because the fuel price and pay roll costs have also increased and because of the shortage of workers in this industry.
To show that their business has grown, the duo revealed that they have now added two employees to their pay roll as the workload was becoming too much for just the two of them.
Some of my favourite star demands include Jay Z having a personal cigar maker on his pay roll - and Mariah Carey asking for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves.
The software will serve as a tool for sustaining service record, pay roll and other benefits being availed by employees besides maintaining accounts, supply chain management, revenue generation and receipts of the authority.
" Sarfaraz Bugti said.Lashing out on Brahmdagh Bugti, Home Minister said, the attackers were on pay roll of so-called Nationalist Leader Brhamdagh Bugti, but the state will take revenge of their brutalities against the people of Dera Bugti.
The official said currently Railways has thousands of employees on its pay roll therefore to redress the flaws, the institution has already started work on restructuring, which is in its last phase and would be completed in February next year.