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1. A check issued to an employee in payment of salary or wages.
2. Salary or wages: The new appropriations bill could mean a larger paycheck for state employees.
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1. a bank check given as salary or wages.
2. salary or wages.
above one's paycheck, Informal. in excess of the scope of one's authority: The decision was above my paycheck.
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Noun1.paycheck - a check issued in payment of wages or salarypaycheck - a check issued in payment of wages or salary
bank check, check, cheque - a written order directing a bank to pay money; "he paid all his bills by check"
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[ˈpeɪtʃek] N (US) → cheque m de la paga; (= salary) → sueldo m
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American Payroll Association (APA) has announced it urges those who receive paychecks to turn to their payroll department to tap into the power their paychecks, the company said.
IRS did issue revised withholding tables in early 2018, but because the tax cuts were spread out in people's paychecks over the year - in amounts apparently not significant enough for them to notice - many folks were shocked at the bottom line of their tax return.
With the government on its 34th day of a partial shut down and 800,000 federal employees not receiving paychecks, Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross questioned why furloughed federal workers were using food banks instead of taking out loans to get through the shutdown.
"The multi-user network version of ezPaycheck 2018 software makes it easier to achieve quicker processing and more accuracy when processing commission based paychecks from multiple offices." said Dr.
Under a bill approved by the NH Senate, employers would no longer be required to offer paychecks to their employees but could pay them electronically or with a debit card instead.
In January, local media outlets reported that at least 15 other employees received worthless paychecks.
Joan Huffman's Senate Bill 1968 would prohibit state agencies and local governments from deducting union dues from the paychecks of most members of labor groups.
But members can request that Office of the Chief Administrative Officer delay their paychecks until the government reopens.
"In this budget, there should be no paychecks for legislators until they get the job done on pension reform," Quinn, a Democrat, ( said in a statement .
People are clearly more interested in their paychecks than in their potential disability.
The other is a "paycheck protection" measure that would ban the practice of unions' deducting money from member paychecks to spend on political activism.