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payed 1

A past tense and a past participle of pay1.

payed 2

A past tense and a past participle of pay2.
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Bobbinet, very pretty, but Miss Monson bought one not quite as pretty, at Lace's; and SHE payed SIXTY- FIVE, if I am not mistaken."
It comes in over the boat's bow, passes around a drum, and is payed out astern.
The frame was of poles and willow twigs, on which were stretched five elk and buffalo hides, sewed together with sinews, and the seams payed with unctuous mud.
Meriem, following, payed little attention to directions.
He payed his gratitude to the Sight Foundation for considering him as their Ambassador for Pakistan.
The Investigation officer in the case apprised the court that the assailants were payed Rs.
Tito reportedly payed around $20 000 000 for his holiday in space.
Until 1975, CDN govt thru Bank of Canada created money, loaned it to fed, prov, municipal elections and payed ourselves the interest, until 75, we had next to no debt.
All dues and fines must be payed by employers." "Services related to registration of new expat employees, renewal of labour cards, adjustment of records of expat employees, transfer services of expat employees, and cancellation of work permits will be suspended by 10 PM on Thursday, 28 May, 2019 until 1 June, 2019," the statement added.
She payed rich tributes to valiant Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies who have restored peace in the country by offering unprecedented sacrifices.
Najeebullah Qambrani and Ali Raza Rind payed special thanks to MRDL for their support to healthy and positive activities in Chagai district.