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A front-end loader.

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Gasic said the NPA torched the batching plant and burned 44 heavy equipment vital to the operation of the plant, including a backhoe, five bigfoot trucks, two payloader trucks, a crusher and a cement mixer.'
The forest officials brought a payloader, lowered a rope and tied it around the four-year-old calf to lift it out.
In Marikina City, a water tanker and a payloader have been mobilized for the flushing operations in Brgy.
In Alcala town, Rodel Antonio, 52, was pinned under a payloader that fell off a bridge in Barangay San Esteban.
Take milking equipment for example, or better yet, payloaders. There is no problem on a dairy farm that can't be "solved" with a payloader, often in misguided preference to a more refined solution.
For instance, a contractor might charge a town $500 for three hours' emergency use of a piece of equipment, such as a payloader. FEMA deems a total of $150 an "acceptable expense" for a payloader, and the federal reimbursement to the town would be $112.50.
Summary: Within hours of a bizarre attack in Occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday in which a Palestinian man rammed a payloader into buses and cars, killing three people before he was shot dead, Israeli politicians were vowing to respond to the incident with a "tough hand." Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was among the first to suggest that authorities.
moved from Chicago to Libertyville in 1939, and that same year released the world's first and their smallest integrated wheel loader, the Model HS (Hough Small) Payloader. The Model HS had an innovative design with a rear-mounted engine positioned over the drive wheels and the transmission further to the rear for added ballast.
"Nobody really needed good-looking steel castings for the front end of a payloader," he said.
Each crew will consist of one payloader equipped with a claw, one street sweeper, four or five dump trucks, two laborers and one foreman.