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Variant of payer.
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Plaintiffs' counsel represents consumers who purchased or leased a new vehicle which included one or more of the parts at issue (the "end payor class").
US-based medical device and related software provider Zoll Medical Corp has recently acquired healthcare industry accounts receivable software solutions provider Payor Logic Inc., the company said.
Payor Logic has announced an integration with CentralSquare Technologies (formerly Tritech) to increase efficiency and revenue using the company's technology and services in EMS billing workflows, the company said.
The "payee" requesting alimony must show a need for support followed by a showing that the "payor" has the ability to pay.
The good demographics are reflected in CHS's payor mix with manageable levels of Medicaid and self-pay.
Often times the tax deduction benefit to the payor spouse could be used in such a beneficial way as to facilitate settlement of the support issue as well as other issues between the parties.
Roddy<br />There are three important takeaway pointsfor domestic relations lawyers fromrecent legislation two bills fromthe 2018 General Assembly sessionand one from Congress:<br />If you want spousal supportto be non-modifiable, state that affirmatively in your agreements.<br />Effective July 1, clientscan retire atmaximumsocialsecurity age (currently67) and that age isa material change in circumstancessufficient for amotion the court to modifysupport.<br />Spousalsupport inagreements orfinaldecrees entered after Dec,31, 2018,shallno longer be deductible for the payor, and shall be tax free for the recipient.<br />Modification of Spousal Support<br />Currently, underPendleton v.
However, one part of the next tax law is of particular interest to matrimonial practitionersthe elimination of the alimony deduction for the payor spouse and the reciprocal elimination of the requirement for the payee spouse to declare the alimony as income.
Under the new rules, alimony is no longer deductible for the payor, and money received as alimony is no longer taxable income for the payee (having already been taxed as the payor's income).
-- Robyn Peters has joined Diplomat Pharmacy in the role of executive vice president of sales and payor strategies.
Urick, currently senior vice president of industry relations, pharmaceutical account management and payor strategy, took the reins as president earlier this month.