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1. The act or an instance of paying out.
2. A percentage of corporate earnings that is paid as dividends to shareholders.



1. an act or instance of paying or disbursing.
2. money paid or disbursed, as a dividend or winning.


[ˈpeɪaʊt] Npago m; (= share-out) → reparto m; (in competition) → premio m en metálico; (from insurance) → indemnización f


pay-out [ˈpeɪaʊt] n
(to winner)prix m
(to policy-holder)indemnisation fpay packet n (British) (= wages) → paie fpayphone pay phone [ˈpeɪfəʊn] ntéléphone m publicpay raise n (US)augmentation f de salairepay rise n (British)augmentation f de salaire
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The recent trend in dividend payout of this sample is disquieting.
For those who selected the re-investment option, the dividends will be reinvested on 7th August, 2016 and for those who have selected the cash payout option, the proceeds will be credited into their NBAD bank account by the 22nd August, 2016.
1stdibs will transition its dealer payments to the Hyperwallet platform this summer, offering check, ACH and wire methods through Hyperwallet's payout portal.
This resulted in a KD 22 million shareholder payout, which - when combined with payouts during the year - lifted total shareholder cash payouts during the year to a record payout of KD 52.
After the client reaches age 59 1/2, the penalty no longer applies, but an already-started SEPP might be required to continue if the payout has not met the minimum 5-year requirement.
But research shows if you shift the perspective of retirement investors from thinking "lump sum" to thinking "monthly payout," you have a better chance at selling that annuity--with two important caveats.
50) Payout as a % of opening Ex- NAV at beginning of the year Bonus Units per 100 Units held on May 29, 2014*** Previous interim payouts during the year (Rs.
We develop a dynamic structural model to better understand how corporate payout policy is determined in conjunction with other corporate decisions.
com)-- Increase your bottom line without breaking the bank overpaying for unqualified traffic by using new payout rules from LinkTrust, the leader in affiliate tracking software.
They are increasing the maximum specified property value for payout calculation from $8 million to $15 million, and lowering the minimum age of borrowers from 60 to 55.
Out of 100 companies in the BSE 100 index, more than half have seen a fall in their dividend payout ratio, the part of profit paid as dividend to shareholders.
Its annual payout (a percentage of assets or a specific dollar amount) is divided into equal payments that are scheduled to be made at regular intervals (typically monthly or quarterly).