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1. The act or an instance of paying out.
2. A percentage of corporate earnings that is paid as dividends to shareholders.
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1. an act or instance of paying or disbursing.
2. money paid or disbursed, as a dividend or winning.
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[ˈpeɪaʊt] Npago m; (= share-out) → reparto m; (in competition) → premio m en metálico; (from insurance) → indemnización f
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pay-out [ˈpeɪaʊt] n
(to winner)prix m
(to policy-holder)indemnisation fpay packet n (British) (= wages) → paie fpayphone pay phone [ˈpeɪfəʊn] ntéléphone m publicpay raise n (US)augmentation f de salairepay rise n (British)augmentation f de salaire
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In the following section, we will extend the model to allow the manager to perceive a cost to cutting payouts.
Setting up affiliate payouts based on a combination of criteria, such as Affiliate ID, Sub ID and click data, means that each affiliate program can be structured to give affiliates exactly what they are looking for without using up all of the budget.
New figures reveal 1,341 NHS chiefs have quit hospitals with six-figure payouts in the last 18 months - with many then rehired in the health service.
Automobile insurers saw combined voluntary automobile insurance and compulsory automobile liability insurance payouts hit NT$31.4 billion (US$1.05 billion) last year, and NT$29.5 billion (US$983.3 million) in the first half, said an industry source.
In spite of stagnant dividend payouts, a number of companies have seen an increase in dividend yields.
However, experts say one must also look at other parameters-such as earnings outlook and growth-along with dividend payouts and yields.
Others are designed to preserve capital and make payouts primarily from earnings; these typically have no time frame attached.
PAYOUT Jim McConville is in line for pounds 270,000 SLAMMED The former Northern Rock is under fire for payouts to an ex finance boss
There were also payouts of pounds 600,000 and pounds 435,000.
Payouts for departing Coventry council has staff cost taxpayers [pounds sterling]46.8 million in the past eight years -- with one senior manager handed almost half a million pounds.
We expect MCB to keep the second interim dividend consistent with previous quarterly payouts at Rs4/share, taking 1HCY19 payout to Rs8/share.
In a decision on July 4, the COA said seven cases of payouts to PCGG employees during that period were not authorized by then President Benigno Aquino III.